FAO Rioting Rob & Melboy

I got to thinking (I know - thats always ominous) about something…

I used to wonder that if your shoes were made of jelly and so was the pavement, would the double-wobble cancel itself out, or would it increase the wobble exponentially…? (I don’t know what exponentially means, but it sounds like the right word to use :D)

By that logic, if Melboy & Rob parked their bikes next to each other, would both bikes falling over cancel out the fall and end up with both bikes precariously leaning into each other, or would they both fall anyway and increase the damage exponentially?

What you are referring to is a phenomenon called unstable-wobbleibrium.

Both bikes could fall into each other, somewhat like a sweaty embrace, but it doesnt put them into a stable state. It may not be obviously visible, but they would be in a state on unstable-wobbleibrium.

Can you imagine that, MelBoy and RobBoy in a wobbly embrace…?? :crazy:

…on the wobbly bridge over the Thames before it was fixed …???:w00t:

haha, the blonde in me doesn’t get this thread, but I think Rob’s bike would fall into my ‘leaning’ bike and I would get annoyed! I almost reversed my bike into someone elses at the oakdene last week, does that make me as bad as Rob?

have you passed that swerve test yet Ramone? :smiley: