FAO Ratcatcher and others - how to get rid of mice

Hi Mr Ratchatcher and others,

Sadly have discovered mice in the house in Streatham. My landlord, who also lives there, has never had them before, but until recently there has always been a cat, so they kept away.

A friend of mine said they bought a high pitched electronic sound device from Amazon and their mice disappeared in about a month, as they didn’t like it.

So what are the best methods? I know traps are the obvious and finding the entry points and sealing them. But has anyone else used one of these high pitched sound devices? Do they work? (Before I order one). Also, has anyone had experience of these ‘humane’ traps?

I’m wary of poison because they might get ill and die behind the sink or something.


the electrical devices work to a degree, the “sound” or waves only goes in straight lines, but wont pass through objects, therefore you get safe areas that the mice will still go into, so unless you fit a device to all four walls in a room, to criss cross each other, you’ll still have mice

it may have worked in your friends house, as they may not have been living in the house, but just using it as a highway to another area

staying away from poisons is good, especially in a shared house, as yes if they die inside in inaccessable areas, it STINKS

if you happen to be passing us out in essex, I can let you have some sealant/filler that mice/rats will not chew through, they can chew through pratically anything, barring this stuff,

Id suggest mouse traps, baited with peanut butter or choc spread, remember to remove/store in sealed containers any other food stuffs, place traps behind cooker and fridge, air cupboard if you have, traps from either Q’D’s or B&Q or even poundland

Ive also got a few glueboards, if your not too squeamish

Thanks very much for your quick reply - that is really useful advice. I won’t buy the electronic device from Amazon then as it might be a waste of £30 if the waves only go in straight lines and aren’t ‘broadband’ - it has varying reviews online with some people raving about it and others saying it doesn’t work.

So will start with traps and try and find the holes that need sealing. Am off now to the hardware shop to get some!!

(Or could get another cat!!)

I am not sure about glue boards as it seems a rather long and painful death for the mouse. Traps would be more instantaneous I suppose.

I will let you know about the sealant when have I found where they are coming in from.


get another cat! mind you my cat brought a mouse IN and it hid in a cupboard and i couldnt get it. so i used the humane trap baited with chocolate spread and it worked a treat. within 2 hours he was in there and i released him well away from the house. he looked ok when he ran off but was covered in chocolate. mmmmm…chocolate mice. :slight_smile:

Well have just got 4 mouse traps from the hardware shop - and bumped into the neighbours who had also seen a mouse and were buying traps!

Who knows Ratcatcher - there might be a whole street for you to do soon!!



it is normal, that mice have come from an adjoining property, the trouble is, getting everyone to admit it, as somewhere along the line, they have a big infestation, thus they start moving to the next house and the next etc etc, as food shortages in the first area, make them look further, and therefore they then set up in another house, remember 6 mice can multiply into 60 mice, in 3 months, you do the math,lol

once you have caught on a trap, make sure you only throw the mouse away and not the mouse and trap like some people, that trap, having the mouse smell, will/should get a better catch rate