FAO National Treasure - Radios

More expensive than I remembered.

So, anyone got any recommendations for long battery life, idiot proof radio that can sit in your pocket on an all day ride?

(We know about phones…)

I would love a DAB radio that can transmit to the FM radio of a Cardo Freecom, if anyone knows of something.

I tried a personal radio (below, also much cheaper at the time) but if you plug in headphones they are used as the aerial, so it does not work with an FM transmitter. I am not sure how long life the battery is, but it seemed to stay powered when I was trying to make it work with a transmitter.

The only option for me seems to be a car one that uses a 12V socket. Which is fine as I have one in my top box, but the only aerial options are for screwing into car roofs or windscreens.