FAO Blue Lagos

Hi Nick, I have just tried to PM you and it says your user name is now invalid for some reason, so it wouldn’t send. So just checking you are safe after the recent spate of bombings today. I know they were north from Lagos, but it seems there were a lot of casualties, so let me (and us in LB) know you and your colleagues are okay.



He isn’t there yet. Another week or two I believe.

Nick should be fine, he has natural body protection ^^

Oh I thought we all said goodbye to him last weekend :slight_smile: Well if he isn’t there then that’s okay then, I needn’t be concerned he’s up in Kano dodging bombs by militants :slight_smile:

(Ps my PM function seems not to be working, hence the thread instead)

Am safe and sound in my bunker in Kingston.

My Visa was refused last week as my employers Employment Quota runs out in March, so they are renewing it as we speak. Could be a week - could be a month…so stuck here for now

For the record - Lagos is miles away from Kano and the bombings…so I should be ok.


Cheeky fugger

Oh thanks for this Nick :):slight_smile:

We’ll just have to have another goodbye do for you again then in a few weeks (without the pudding maybe) :D:D

Stay safe in Kingston - it’s pretty wild down there;)