FAO anyone I met at ACE yesterday :shewoolf, stevewright, Smiled, Flatout, grimbusa, debz

shewoolf, stevewright, Smiled, Flatout, grimbusa, debz and anyone else that I might of missed out.

It was a pleasure meeting you all. Top bunch of peeps.

Look forward to it again. Perhaps we can get slightly more organised next time and get a little bit of time for a ride out together aswell.

Me, Sherrie and Shane did go out together for a bit but it wasnt really long enough due to time and the amount of cars on the roads in that area. I’ll try and work out a good route possible for another time.



Nice to meet you too Overboost! Get a route organised and you can count me in

hey Sunny - shame I couldn’t make it…

Did you get a ticking off by anyone about using yer Road Rocket???

hey sunny,pleasure was all mine fella…

nice bike too mate…even tho its a yamahahahahaha…

so yea…bluddy good night…thanks!!!


Sherrie - leave the routing to me mate. Again, was a pleasure.

Triang - Shame you couldnt make it, would of been nice to meet you. No one flammed me on the R1 but a few people asked how long I had been riding for and what bike…so there were a few raised eye-brows but no flaming thankfully.

Shane - nice one bro. Was well cool finally hooking up with you. We will defo ride together soon. Your bikes cool man, even better when stopped at the lights with an R1 revving next to it.

Hey Sunny, I’m gonna have to tag along with ya next time also

Definately Adam, pop down to these sides mate. It will be good experience for you aswell.

How irresponsible buying an R1 as your first bike - I had a C50 stepthru - how things have progressed

Great to meet you too - didnt do the ride as we had battled that traffic to get there but up for it another day

good to meet u too