FAO : Almax/Squire owners ...

I don’t much fancy posting the full details up here … s’a secret :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone friendly/helpful could be so kind as to PM me - that’d be most excellent :smiley:


I have them and I’m intrigued.

PM sent.



Just bought them ! Tell me please !
Got me worried now.

pm me too…:satisfied:

We dont have one but dont get as many PMs as we`d like so feel free to PM us too.:slight_smile:

Pm me too please. Fanks

I’ll get in on this, PM please :slight_smile:

Cant believe youve all jumped on the bandwaggon tonight.:crazy:

We will PM you all if you are lonely.:angry:

Will someone break the silence and post the information on the forum instead of giving a taste and then denying people the information :wink: hehe etc

No :slight_smile:

I shan’t be PM’ing anyone - but will post the details at some point in the future.

I shall then await the information as a current Almax user and abuser.

Mr-C has either done a good wind up or he has quite rightly found information that he does not want to go into the public domain, hence the PM only. Flawed logic if he’s going to post later.

I just hope he’s screening the responses before he PM’s the information.

Right. I don’t use Almax chain but I do have Squire locks.

Include me in.

So why has he started a thread on the UK’s 3rd largest (TBC) biking forum with the title ’ FAO: Almax/ Squire owners…’ with no actual information?

Because he was looking for help … he asked people to PM him … 2 people did … the rest just wanted get something out of it for themselves rather than help a bruvva out.

Friendly helpful community my arse … just a bunch of gossipy bitches :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

i may or may not know what this is about but wont (or will i?) say anything :hehe:

ps like your use of tags chris - good idea

Glad you hear you found help. I was just thinking that if a flaw or weakspot has been found in their use, people who own an Almax chain might like to know. NP.


O.K. Hold my hands up, I missed the PM me bit.

Not sure that makes me a “gossipy bitch” though.

erre, i have one of those, whats wrong with it?:w00t:

So …

It’s just a list of LBers who have Almax/Squire security