Fantastic Piaggio X9 500 SL (scooter!) for sale.

[Now sold]

Umfaan (Little One) is the magic X9 500 SL (now SLEvo) that I bought from Lawrence (founder of the X9 Owners Club) a year or so ago.


JT was contacted in 2005 by the relatives of someone unknown who had purchased this bike in 2002 and who had sadly died, only 4000 miles on the clock if that. Loz bought it at a bargain price from JT, thrashed it mercilessly for several thousand miles (did it the world of good) and then sold it to me in 2006 for a similar song when he left for South Africa with about 12,000 miles on the clock. By then it had had the steering bearings done, and the forks had new seals.

Since then this was my number-one bike until the Fuoco arrived this time last year, but since then has only had a few thousand miles added. This bike is severely neglected, and needs someone new to ride it like they stole it. :slight_smile:

It’s now done 40,000 miles, but the (fully functional but second-hand) digidash only shows 36,000.

It now boasts, on top of standard bits:
Evo front V-panel.
Evo mirrors, wires in place for ‘Bright-Eyes’ (if you don’t know, search).
Oxford heated grips (‘Classic control’).
Tow-bar fitted by Freewheel.
Complete over-ride of the electric centre-stand H&S rubbish.
Centre-stand can be lowered manually.
External aerial for the PICS, which is a good’un. Loads of leads if required, can make up to suit.
8-roller variator, a good 10% improvement over the original 6-roller one.
Stainless Steel Evo Mk1 3-point exhaust, no more tatty rust!
Original SL bits (V-panel, mirrors) should one wish to revert - not the exhaust mind!
Thermostat has been upgraded, warm-up in 30 secs!
RAM mount fitted for GPS, cigar-lighter 12V feed up-front.
Cycle computer for accurate speed readings.
Slightly taller than ‘medium’ screen installed, as good as the OEM screen with Laminar Lip but without the ‘sighting for filtering’ problems.

Umfaan has an OEM top-box - the back-plate mod has been done per my own instructions.
A brand-new battery has been installed, the old one was ‘OK-ish’, good enough for me but I’d hesitate to pass it on, it had done 4 years hard labour…

It has a new belt and will have an oil and oil-filter change when the weather allows in the next few days. Tyres good for many more miles, taxed and MOT’d.

Bad bit, the top of the top-box passenger back-rest has started to crack with old age. Gaffer-taped.

Pictures at

Offers for this ground-breaking (with apols to the Biker’s Loft) bike with a known history are expected to be around GBP1200. First connoisseur to come within a few quid of that gets one of the best X9’s that has ever graced this world.