Fancy working in Advertising and Media?

We need an entry level (no experience required I assume) Account Exec to work on one of our multinational clients, starting in mid august.

We’re looking for:

“smart, dedicated, energetic candidates”


Have you got a proper job spec…???

Not really.

It’s about making sure the client is kept up to date about the campaign, creative work and similar things.

In addition, an Account Exec has to be good at massaging the client’s ego.

Arse kissing talents are a definite bonus.

Well that’s me out. I’m no good at arse licking.


will this involve any artist work? if it does then I’m out as my 4 year old can draw better than me…

It’s all about technique, GP.

It’s not a creative role, but it is a good foot in the door to progress. The industry pays well, is fun and it could lead to creative roles, strategy roles, design roles, any thing really.

Would it help me move into event organising?

Possibly not, we have a department that does that sort of thing, but this isn’t it. Sorry

If it’s anything like the book E from Matt Beaumont about an agency told via emails, the I’ll do it for free…

I have the job spec now if anyone wants it.

PM me your email address!

Anyone I sent the spec to, let me know what you thought and i’ll tell you how to apply.

My friend might email you.