Fancy going to Brighton

We can start in Boxhill and finish in Brighton for fish and chips

Any idea when ? :smiley:

Ohhh and Hello and welcome by the way, why not pop a post up in the newbie section :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be up for that, when you thinking?

Went there yesterday - where were you?! :smiley:

Im going on friday, weathers going to be sweet :cool:

STEVIE RAMONE!!! Here’s one for ya!

I went on Tuesday. Boxhill to Worthing to Brighton. Nice ride, would do it again on Thursday if anyone wants to go?

room for a little one?

Why aren’t you going to be at work Chenny? x

Is that a popular route?? A few of us did it last sat! :DWould be up for it again if i can make it! :hehe:

I’m guessing so. People at Boxhill told me the route so take it a few of them do it regularly. When you free or anyone else? I can go today if anyone else can.

nope. i’m free in the day.
been off all week doing the school run thing.

you out in the day tomorrow?

Nope sadly, loads of work on at the mo :frowning:

We’ve taken a week off in May to take the little one away and to celebrate our birthdays.
An excuse to go to Monkey world, Thorpe Park, Chessington etc etc… Oh and get out on the bikes!

will be there in an hour

See you there buddy.

Chenster, your more than welcome to join me if you feel like going again :smiley: Same goes for anyone else, though im leaving around 10 and not coming back until sunday:) Hopefully that rain thats been forecast will hold off!

hope they let you out again lusty :D:D:D:D:D