Fancy dress ideas! Help please!

Right, I’ve got a fancy dress party to go to this Friday, and I have no idea what to go as! I don’t really have that much money so kinda has to be low budget, and it can be ANYTHING, but it’s got to be epic… (apart from pirates… because I always go as a pirates and the host has forbidden me :smiley: ) I was gonna go as Mario but I don’t have dungarees and can’t find any anywhere huff

Please help me! :smiley: Any suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

My friend had a similar problem.

She got a large box from the local super market - big enough for her to fit in - some cheap paint from an art+craft store, some yellow tights (bizarrely already had these) and some weird “school shoes” again already had these…

Painted the box up and went as sponge-bob-square pants.

She said if she was doing it again she’d put more padding in the top for her head cos everyone she walked past banged on the top…

now THAT… is an AMAZING idea!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Gonna look further into this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers! Keep the suggestions rolling in though! :smiley:

I have a purple flapper outfit you could use… show off your legs! :smiley:

Whats a flapper outfit?

Yeah, better explain that Hannah before people’s minds start wandering! :hehe:

Borrow Alex G’s leathers - and go as retro biker :stuck_out_tongue:

bugger the bandage… and go cheaper… asdas bog roll

Get a huge circle of card and paint it red with white spots attach another thin circle of card underneath to hold it on your head wear all white clothing and go as a mushroom :smiley:

or… u could go as SPAM!

or u could go as…

Take a look here

But didn’t see Hanna in any of the photos:hehe:

Simple: black dress+white scarf+paint your face red and dye your hair grey- blow dry it in a south-easterly direction and hey presto you’re a volcanic ash plume!

If you don’t like purple, I have a silver one!

Get your leathers on and some chains, and go as one of the village people. Sure they won’t mind cross dressing

Well, you know, my modeling days are over… getting on a bit now. ;):P:D

Just do what mum’s do to there kids all over england and put yourself in a black bag with some white face paint lol cheap :D:):smiley:

cover yourself by bandages and pretend to be a mummy :slight_smile: