So I’ll spare you the drama but basically I’ve been kicked out from my brother’s place in Michigan as I don’t get along with his wife…
I fly home on Friday and have a few days to kill in Chicago… any recommendations??

Yes I know this is a London forum but perhaps some members have been there?!?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the drama, I hope things between the two of you get sorted out over time.

I spent a couple of days in Chicago quite a few years ago and the places that stuck in my mind were the Museum of Science and Industry, where they have a well-preserved complete U-boat on display which you can explore, and the Sears Tower (now called the “Willis Tower”). When I was there the latter was still the tallest building in the world, however it has now been surpassed. It’s now the 5th tallest :hehe:

If I was to return I would be more interested in heading to the Motown museum in Detroit, however that’s a 5-hour drive away :w00t:

I was in Chicago in 2008 for work. My free time consisted of getting pissed in various bars with clients, going up the John Hancock tower, the Sears Tower, and visiting the birth place of House Music (The Warehouse) which is now an office building :smiley:

…oh, and I went to see the Chicago Blackhawks play ice hockey :slight_smile:

ooh Google found this

Cabrini Green…although when I was there it was a little more…interesting. Some great bars on Halsted, go to Rush street, You have to have a Chicago Stuffed Pizza. Go to where the St Valentines day Massacre happened, also Michigan Avenue, the Golden Mile. Also a jog along lake shore drive. And go and see the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza.
If you like live music, especially Blues deffo go to N Halsted, great live music.
It has been a while since I’ve been there, but I’m pretty sure it wont have changed, except Cabrini Green.
Also check out Soldier field if you’re into sports, and ride the L and go up Sears tower.
If you like your burger with a side of sass, go to Ed Debevics.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Oh and if you come across a lil Puerto Rican lady called Denise…tell her Hi :smiley:

I spent a week in Chicago in the freezing cold of one February.

On the south side of the city (a subway and bus ride) there is the Vietnam War Museum with collections of paintings, sculptures, poetry and film from both the Viet Cong, the South Vietnamese Army and the US Marines. It is an awesome place and well worth a visit, just very interesting. I also met a veteran in the lobby who did a salsa dance with me :smiley:

There is also China Town - which is not like the London China Town but a whole city within a city. It’s like going into China itself and walking the streets of Wuhan or somehere - it’s in the south - just get the subway.

In the North there is also the Vietnamese quarter, which is also worth a look.

The centre has loads of shops, restaurants and bars as well, plus some amazing antiques (if you like that kind of thing) - plus you can explore Chicago River.

You’ll have fun!