Family Complete Again !!!!

I’ll catch up with you tomorrow as well mate, just so we can discuss your options re whats happened.

that will be spot on mukka…thank you.

Well there’s some good news ! (aside from Brazil looking a bit average LoL )

I’ve changed the title of the previous thread so people (hello Trix-8) aren’t misled

(sure you hadn’t just dropped it tho… )

I wish mate…my bail sheet shows different… !

Congrats mate! can’t wait to hear the detail on the Cubanas

First of all I’m very sorry to hear that these scrotes got your bike in the first place. Glad that you got it back though. I was away for a while so sorry that didn’t see this earlier. I wont ask any details as I’m sure you have enough people to tell them.

So you know where the guys are? I’m offering to come with you or without you to make them a new hole in their forehead. Just let me/us know where those pieces of crap are at the moment.

Thanks for calling me earlier to let me know fella… You don’t know how happy I am for you!!! Nice one…

Justice at last!!! LOL Little Bas**rds!

Dont believe the negative hype “hes a true true diamond” in hes own words =

“A flash bd" but a "lovely flash bd” !!!

mate…great news dude!!!..wew…!!!..i almost ran into the back of a fiat punto cus i was staring all the bikes that come my way on my journey to home from work…lololol…

smiled has been on defcon 5…red alert… since last night…but can go back to normal now…nice one mate…im beaming for ya!!

so…these blokes…what ward did you say again mate?.

relieved smiled.

Great news…now to make an example of those f*ing thieves.

Stunning mate - fantastic news! That’s amazing :slight_smile: I started yesterday on a down (and looking at every dark coloured bike on the road) and this morning I’m almost singing for you!

Shout if you need anything.


Wicked news mate well happy for you fella!

TOP BO**OCKS! chuffed for ya!

i like Smiled! but not defcon 5! i was on BIKINI ALERT STATE RED! checking the back of vans and having a good nose at groups of bikes!

glad she’s back!

Just dont let foxy stick the sticker on yer bike!!! look what happened to the lid!!ha

Dont you start all that crap again!!

Where has the LB sticker from your helmet gone???

Ah Fella, top news. Any chance of getting my R6 back as well? I am over the moon for you. See you at Cubana tonight and let us know all the gory details.

Thats awesome news big man

Excellent news, Good luck mate!

Brilliant news. I’m really happy for you. Glad the thieving b*stards got what was coming to them.

ur a very lucky geezer…

but with half of london on the lookout for ya, there were good chances

really glad for ya!!