Family Complete Again !!!!

Ladies and Gentleman…shes back !!!..

When I said its only a matter of time I meant it !!..

Massive shout to Mr DAVE COURTNEY OBE and friends

plus the security team of THE SPEARMINT RHINO for being at the end of a phone call when needed.

The Bike has been “Barrelled” and has a slight “Scuff” to the Top Side Tail Fairing…looks like they couldnt get it started !!! other than that shes in perfect shape !!

There are two new guests in the UCH HOSPITAL and Im sure I can be there to welcome them on their discharge !!

Once again…Thank you all for being true friends…I will never forget it !!!

The Barro / Members of LB Rulez OK !!!..

f****n, get in

happy for ya i knew it

F**K !!! Well done u !!! (or whoever found it) Wowser…and i had a tracker fitted to mine? who needs a tracker when you have mates like yours !!

Good News and keep the B’s in hosp a bit longer !!! (sods)

Good stuff, I have met Dave top bloke.

I am happy your bike is back

Nicely done mate

Excellent. Glad she’s back and it’s been sorted mate.

good news barro hope it’s not to badly damaged,

have a beer and relax now bet it’s been one stressful day!!!

Good to hear Barro, this mean your gonna join us for the ride to southend?

It’s always nice to hear of a bit of justice being done.

glad u got her back

Nothing a sticker cant hide…not a big fan of stickers but it will do until a new fairing pops up on ebay…

Im over the moon to say the least and its not with just getting the bike back…its a wonderfull feeling that true friends pull together to help each other when ya down…“LOVE TO LB MEMBERS”

Its gonna take time to get the ride back to tip top condition but that goes without saying…it could have been tragic !!..

oh and them two in on the wards of UCH…

Barro says…“chin up…it could have been a lot worse”

Seeya at Cubana…I,ll be the Gay one in Civies !!!..

Top news mate! At least in civvies you can toast your good fortune!

Fantastic I was gutted for you and now I’m on a high.

Well done you for bearing up under the strain and well done everyone else for being there in his hour of need!

Barro and all other Londonbikers rule!


Knew she would come back - she obviously missed you too much…

Jesus Christ, Barro!!! That’s the first time I’ve heard of a stolen bike being recovered!!! Congratulations fella, you deserve a bit of good luck after that! Hope the t-cut works…

Any chance you can find my K1 750 that was stolen in 2004 from the Farringdon area?

The news has made me so happy for you Barro. I was absolutely gutted when I heard she had gone. Not sure what happened to the thieving scum who are now in UCH but hopefully they have learnt an extremely valuable lesson. Perhaps we should all go pay them a get well visit…or not get well as the case may be.

we,ll make them an offer they cant refuse …

EXCELLENT! Well chuffed for ya mate Now can we get the whole story?

Quality congrats mate! Payback is a bitch ha ha ha karma will catch up with thieving scum in the end.

Far King brilliant mate. Lets hope thier stay in UCH will be long and eventful, perhaps we could send them a get well soon card, Hallmark must have a card saying “so ya go caught ya theiving scum, next time its prison, where ya can say goodbye to your…freedom.”

Chaz…fill you in about it at Cubana…can you put her back together ?..ignition and alarm all the way of the pear !..wires hanging out all over the place and ignition smashed with what seems like a screwdriver, nothing working…they proper bastardised it the clueless w**kers