Familiarity breeds contempt

How familiar is this to peeps!!!

[img]http://www.metacafe.com/watch/71619/accident_in_realtime/ [img]

to easy thats why i only do it when there aint no junctions

nuff said…

Except in this one, the biker was clearly at fault, the muppet.



Dohhhhhh!!! silly billy…

Doh indeed!!

That very nearly happened to an XT660X rider who blasted past me just before a right turn in Abinger Hammer on the A25; luckily for the XT rider, the car/trailer (which was indicating right saw/heard/smelt him just in time and braked rather than making the turn).

Very, very silly!!

Hm, did anybody see the car driver indicate? Not that many do!

Doesn’t have to, the road itself does a 90-degree turn, so the car driver was just following the road, not turning.