Fake Haagen-Dazs ice cream

went to emparo pizza in Finsbury Park last night,
am 99% certain their ice cream is fake - counterfeit - bootlegged - “home made” - backalley brewed - you get the idea.

the top layer almost looked credible, but underneath it was all frozen sorbet, and actually what looked just like some black powder that was - i guess - supposed to represent the “cookies” in the cream.

so… what can/should i do?

Tell Haagen Daz?

Report it to trading standards. They’d take an interest.

Maybe their freezer lost power at some point and it half melted, then refroze?

call consumers direct: 0845 404 0506

From looking at them on Google - are you surprised??:sick:

Sounds like it had defrosted and then was frozen again, if this is the case it should have been thrown away as it is no longer fit for human consumption. You should/could report it. It’s not a health hazard as such, but it’s not nice, did you pay for it?

call the local food hygiene dept, sounds like its been defrost and frozen a number of times

Why get yourself it a tizz? Yeah you got gumped, it happens. Just don’t go back…

Is this the place?


Never eat anywhere without checking the score - this place probably gets low scores for among other things, poor refrigeration.

GWS… I’m assuming you got food poisoning as well as a dodgy ice cream after clicking on Giuliano’s link :hehe: