Fake Britain

Fake Britain on Beeb 1 right now has an article coming up on fake leathers. Dunno if it’s a repeat or not.

Yes it is a repeat, first shown on 31 April on daytime TV

And I am not watching as I have no desire to see myself on the telly.

7 hours filming for 90 seconds of footage and they did not allow me to get the message over about cheap leathers being better than shorts and T shirt.

Aha, I thought it sounded familiar. I vaguely remember the posts about it the first time now. Doh :blush:

That must’ve been sooooo frustrating for you. All that time spent with the filming and they still cut it to fit what they wanted. I get your point on any protection being better than the nob uniform of t-shirt and tracky bottoms; you just need to be totally aware of what you’re buying and the limitations cheap gear has.

I completely agree that fake leathers are better than none at all, But there is no way they would’ve aired that comment as they would be seen as advertising Illegal goods if they said it was better to wear them than nothing. I doubt it was anything to do with shock value, they just have to cover their Ar5es

But that is the point, they were not fake, they were just cheap, made to a price.

They were not as if they were carrying say Dainesse logos or another well known brand, and the interviews I did actually qualified the points you have raised, but 99% went onto the cutting room floor

The ones that were plastered in Yamaha logos and designed to look like genuine Yamaha designs are fakes.

They were not sold as genine Yamaha leathers, there is nothing to stop someone putting Yamaha, Honda or anything else on them, and they were purchased off the internet.

I tried to explain that PPE should never be purchased online for a whole number of reasons, and as I went through the various standards, sizing, fit and what PPE was supposed to do, the researcher and producers eyes lit up as they had absolutely no idea, and made it clear that they had been educated, and then promptly left it all on the cutting room floor.

This is the problem with the whole thing, they tried to sensationlise something and were not interested in having a point qualified.

And if you saw the 7 hours or so of interviews and filming that was done, had they used more of the footage, it would have made a lt more sense

The clue is in the title, although the level of protection offered should be the first consideration when discussing or comparing motorcycle leathers it goes against the programmes core aims.

Protection needs to be a balance between budget and quality, we don’t all need protection against 200 mph road rash.

Just like not all of us need Snorkels! :slight_smile:

T.C. Yamaha, Honda etc have all registered their trademarks for clothing. It is passing off if not fake, and definitely breach of trademark.

The point is, the producers wanted to make the point that the leathers were fake (take aside the lettering or anything else as many have lettering put in afterwards anyway).

Forgetting the lettering, the leathers were not fake, they were cheap

The thing is, The leathers in my Opinion are not the issue/problem. (if it’s the same programme i watched previously) The AGV lids were a Huge problem, and a massive danger. They ARE fake and need to be taken out of existence.

eBay at your peril :w00t: