Faith No More . . . .

. . . . did a live cover of ‘this Guy’s in love’ at an MTV show. It featured on limited edition versions of the ‘Who cares a lot’ Cds.

Does anyone have a copy they could burn for me?

Ta :cool:

i am sure me bro has that cd, will ask him.


Thanx bro :slight_smile:

Does this mean they are going to record and gig again?

I’ve seen loadsa times and love 'em. I saw them with the first singer (Chuck) at Brunel U way back.

I also have a lovin’ for Mr Bungle - Patten’s other band.

I wish . . . no dude, its from a few years ago

Mike Patten, one of the best front men of his time.

Seen them a few times, awesome.