Fairings from China

Has anyone had any experience with buying fairings from China? Are they good quality? Do they fit well?

Found some fairings that seem a very good price to me with free delivery to the UK.


Too good to be true?

My pal bought some for his CBR visually they look excellent!
Although the paintwork is very fragile, his fit nearly perfect there is only 1spot on either side of the fairings that don’t latch together so he stuck a screw through them and there fine.

But I’m fairly certain he had to pay import duties…
May be worth checking that out

Try these…


Do you think they can only process €160 at a time?

I bought some for my B1H and they we’re shocking, made out of the softest plastic and some of the bits we’re already broken. They’d listed them as ‘OEM quality’ and all that rubbish too.

If they’re coming from China you’ll not beable to get the cash back very easily.

It’s a gamble in my book, but best of luck if you do!

I got a set for my RR about 5years ago.

Had to pay import tax but I didnt care at that point :smiley:

The fairings were good. Not brilliant but good. I think one place it didnt line up fully but after a few weeks riding around they had adjusted and i was able to screw them together at this one point.

The clear coat ran abit so i had to get a sharp stanley to remove a few balls of lacquer. again, looked great after.

I loved them personally, they looked that good that my bike was stolen a month later. gay.


i’m not totally sure but i think these guys done ‘road’ fairings too in basic base colours within the gel coat … eg kawasaki green

they are worth the price that they costs, of course don’t expect the perfect gapless fit like OEM which costs more than £1000…

one good thing is they put stickers under the clear coat so stickers doesnt peel off after time to time, where OEM fairing stickers are not.

and definitely put heat shield on belly pans and side fairings.

The fit is alright, just need a push and some tweaking, but once they are on, u ride the bike for a couple days let the plastic heated up by engine and they will sort of moulded to match each other. Then removing and fitting them in the future are a lot easier.

Depends where you get them from as not all the sellers are the same.

A friend got a set for hos B1H 636 a few years back and the quality was fantastic. The undertray panel took a bit of jigging about to line up but it was all good after.

The ebay seller was from Hong Kong and the goods were about £100 in shipping so cost about £450 all in. Unfortunately the seller seems to have stopped trading now.

Popular sites are auctmarts.com

Huge selection there. Worth a look.

I’ve been looking around for aftermarket fairings for about 2 weeks now, reading up on peoples experience and where they got it from. Generally I found that no matter where you buy from they will come from China.

There are good and bad reviews, even for the same supplier. Some say they are good quality plastics and others have said it feels flimsy and fragile. I think the best way to have a chance of getting a decent quality one is look for someone who has received a good set and ask them where they bought it from.

Don’t be fooled by the prices, the £500 set on a website could just as easily been the same set as a £300 ebay one. With websites supplying they act as a middleman whereas on ebay they come direct. For the price you pay compared to the cost of OEMs you have to expect some defects.

If you do get a set please put up a review :smiley:

If you are still looking Id be tempted by these 2nd hand ones


Personally I’d rather get 2nd hand ones and get them sprayed up as you are assured of quality and fit but obviously skys the limit when it comes to colour schemes and custom finishes.

Now that’s just cruel… :wink:

i’ve just recently bought a set from a company called bliss through ebay for my 250 ninja.350 pounds plus 36 pounds import tax.
my friend and i spent half a day fitting them and they were really easy to fit and in my opinion good quality.I am not good with this sort of thing and they bolted on great with all holes lining up,you can come see mine before you buy if you want.