Fairing Repair's recommendations

I’m after some repairs to my fairings anyone know of anywhere?

I used this guy Mitch a couple of times years ago when he was based in Ruislip & he was very good :


He’s in Lincolnshire now though, so obviously you’ll need to factor in postage costs too.

Altamura do a good job and can collect too.

cool, I was looking at these guys.

Plastex kit?

TBH, Altamura do a lot of paint for Ducati guys in the south who are more anal than thorough. They repair plastics and carbon to an amazing standard.

They built their business on insurance work repairing fairings rather than replacing. Good guys too.

yer mailed them, their advise… bin mine get one they will respray for me.So far play they know what their doing so will take their advise I think.Just really hard to get hold of them at the moment, and dont want a 2nd hand non OEM on.