Fairing Repair

Finally, following her unfortunate demise last year and an incident in my bike garedn that we shalln’t be speaking of here, I have now decided to get the old girls faring done. I am buying up replacement panels from ebay and hope to have a complete replacement fairing and tank ready for respray in a few weeks.

Thereafter I will need to get the whole thing painted would like ti try it my self and wonder what words of wisdom and or advsie any one out there may be able to offer me other then “Dont do it” or “take it to a pro”.

So far I have all the seat panels and the left hand lower fairing panel.

Now I know I have to remove all the fairing panel stickers, I want to paint her black so what undercoat paint coulour would be best?

If I can get whole faring repainted for a decent enough price may well take whole lot to a paintshop, any recomendations ?

Dan , the primer colour will very much depend on the final colour. To spray my fairings on black I had to use a red fiber glass primer and then I used a grey primer for the black. Halfoards will be able to advise you on that! Are you doing it yourself?

If you hae the patience I have filmed the repairs on my bike:




As long as the prep is right its not too difficult. Make sure you have everything nice and smooth by use of fine grain wet and dry before applying any paint. The paint should be done in a nice dust free environment, build the paint up layer by layer and let each coat dry properly before applying the next. Do not apply too much paint in one go, it leads to runs, a little is much better.

For black topcoat a grey primer would be best.

preparation is everything, especially with black, it must be one of the most unforgiving colours there is

you might get a nice deal from an underemployed car sprayers, bike riding ones are often more sympathetic [i.e. cheap] depending on how much £££ you value your time at, this could end up being a time consuming job that might end up with a less than perfect result, on the other hand if you have time and no money, go for it


Looks good love the video, no sound at work, but will watch when I get home.

Looking forward to tomorrow night.

Good video footage of your efforts Cezar, you`ve got some patience but looking at the end result it was worth it.

Dan give me a bell we can talk about both e.g. you doing it your self or I take it in for paint it would be like writing a story to tell ya all the proceses on here