Fairing repair

Skidded in January in some black ice. My CBR suffer some damages in the fairing. The garage I went to did a pretty good repair at a reasonable price. They patched the fairing where there is a crack and fill the hole where plastic that’s missing. Anyway now the next question is where should I go for a good finish??


What a beautiful bike! I’ve never had to do the job you’re after, but I would ring Colin from all year biker in chingford. He will almost certainly point you in the right direction. Have you heard of all year biker before?

Thanks Fellow CBR rider… no I haven’t heard of all year biker. I am sure someone here will give me some pointers

What sort of ‘finish’ were you after, polish or spray ?

Look up all year biker online, go to their website, look for chingford location (Essex) and call up.

By the way, it’s a cleaning/anti corrosion protection service that I do on my bike once a year.

Speak to Scorch on here. 

He did a cracking job on my bike. If no luck getting on here contact Dan at DR bikes they work in the same workshop so he can pass you over.

When you say a finish.
What do you actually mean.
A total re spray or a polish up?

Just noticed you go oxford heated grips,  how did you get the grips in yellow?

Just noticed you go oxford heated grips, how did you get the grips in yellow? h-magic
Nah, those are renthal grips. The left side of the heated grip was ripped completely during the accident. 

I rode home, took the heated grips off, checked the bar and changed the spare grips I have, rode it to the workshop.

And just to be clear with the repair… the mechanic repaired the cracked fairing by welding plastic. 

I tried to get in touch with Scorch, but there are two users with that name. Does anyone have his contact?

Alternatively, the guys from the workshop I went to, told me it won’t worth getting the panel polished and resprayed. Told me by the time it’s all done I am looking at a price of a new panel. In fact I found a breaker who is willing to sale a brand new pannel for £250 as suppose to £450 from honda. 

I know aftermarket fairing is an option but CBR600RR is out of production, I did like to keep it as original as I can. 


Sorch on FB - https://www.facebook.com/Scorch-Motorcycle-Services-614874145288741/?fref=ts

Call 07986 750384

Don’t call him. Text him. He doesn’t really answer his phone.

Message him on Facebook best way to get hold of him.
His work is really good.

Body work and mechanical work is top notch and really competitive price.

Thank you all… I tried texting him. But haven’t heard from him yet.

I don’t have facebook, hence I couldn’t message him there… (yeh I am anti-facebook sorry)!