Fairing glue & tyres

As per an earlier post, my bike was knocked over by a neighbour.

Damage includes a cracked / hanging off bit of fairing.

I won’t be replacing the fairing (the damage aint that bad IMO), so whats the best stuff for sticking it back together??

Also, does anyone know if Essential Rubber or anyone else around London does part-worn tyres?

The bike is up for sale at the moment so I don’t want to spend £160 on a new tyre as I won’t see my return on it. I know I’m being tight, but hey.

Still for sale - here’s the linky:


Price will be reduced to acknowledge small dent to tank, crack to fairing and (depending on whether I replace it) the need for a new rear tyre.

Show me a pic of the cracked fairing

Part worn tyres will be at every tyre shop in London, or just post on here you might get one for pennies