Fair Weather Commuter!

Now the Sun’s coming out on a more regular basis, I was thinking of using the GSR to commute in to London for meetings!

Now apart from my trips in to London to see Spurs, most of my journeys are around the M25 and I have not parked up in Central London for over 5 years :blush:

I wondered what the parking in and around The Strand was like, can anyone give me any pointers on “safer parking bays” etc

many thanks :slight_smile:

There used to be motorbike parking in Arundel Street, which was the only bike bay not completely chocker when I worked around that area (before Westminster bike bay charges though). There was some on Exeter Street (but that was always full to breaking point, expect scooters jammed up against your bike) and I think some on Drury Lane. It is a while since I parked there though. I don’t envy you.

not a guidance at all but my GSR was never touched in 8 months of parking on the street in london bridge - not a desirable bike? Having said that, now I have secure parking, I would not even consider parking on the road!

Plenty of parking around there,Bedford Street,Chandos Place,William IV St,St Martins Lane in fact most of roads around Covent Garden have bike parking. Arundel St as mentioned at the other end of the Strand,plenty of places

sent you a pm :wink:

If you dont mind a walk.

Try Carey Street, behind the royal courts of justice

Always looooots of space, very safe and you can lash your bike to posts.

Not desirable…They don’t know what their missing :wink:

It’s a little known gem the GSR… :wink:

William IV is pretty close!

I’ve got a Xena Alarm Disc Lock, but I think i might have to invest in a decent Chain!

Any ideas on a reasonably priced secure one?

That and the extra security reminds me of why I’ve been getting the train :frowning:

Make sure you’re aware that you cannot leave your bike for free in bike bays in Westminster. You need to register with their pay by phone system and call up to pay when you’re there. Alternatively, cross over into a neighbouring borough where bike parking is still free and you don’t have to bother with all that hassle.

You now have to pay for your Bike?

It has been a long time, all this talk about congestion and high emission's... what a rip off :crazy:

there is a free bay infront of embankment gardens :wink: (on embankment)

That will do for me panagotis, I will not pay out of bloody principle! :cool:

make sure you get there early… it does fill up this time of year, not sure why… :Whistling:

Not free but two bloody huge bays on Adelphi Terrace if needed.

check what council district you are parking in i.e. anywhere but Westminster !!

I’ve only parked in the area a few times but found it a bit of a challenge. If you get a space then you might want to wedge two large bike sized chunks of polystyrene either side of your bike!

All that and I get to pay for the privilege…Great :ermm:

Top tip: Central London parking bikers, in order to increase the footprint of your bike, keep it dry-ish and avoid small scratches, why not use a cheap bike cover. IT can also serve as a sheet for warmth when you are made homeless by rising petrol prices and insurance premiums! :slight_smile: