Fainting Goat! What world are we guys?

Just check out this video! Only in america…


Jesus… I’m lost for words…

Where on earth do you find this stuff?!

Cant help thinking, they’d be sitting ducks for any passing deviants . . . . . . . . . .

This video actually was on display in the yahoo.co.uk page! I just opened it to see my email and there was the ‘fainting goat’. Couldn’t avoid to check it out…

lol, WTF? Wouldn’t you just love to be there and startle them, would make me laugh everytime!


Good to see it again! For those who havent seen it yet? It’s worth a go

wow lost for words

Sorry H. but what’s funny about it???

It’s sick…even if they have to do it because of the experiments to help people showing it on the internet for fun it’s just sick!!!

It’s not funny rottie! But it has to be seen! Only in america was a mistake! It soes happen everywhere and people has to see it to be aware and maybe one day we can stop all this things with animals!

Cezar, read my words again. I’m not even saying that it shouldn’t be happening because maybe as a result of these experiment some human lifes will be saved.

But look what reaction showing it causes…It’s like laughing at the retarded or disabled people in circus tens or hundreds years ago. And this is even worse because the disability of these poor animals wasn’t caused by the nature but by us - people…

Sorry, for me it’s absolutely inapropriate to publish it anywhere like some kind of freak show for peasants…Imagine the feeling of that goat when suddenly he’s being paralized…Still funny??

I understand you point and actually respect it. I came from a different culture where we were repressed up to the 70/80s, where the direction of the country was in the armys hands. Now we do speak our minds and something like that would never be hidding away! I’m the opinion of we should expose these things and talk about it! Yes, some will laugh and I even can see the funny bit if you don’t think on the causes, but as soon as people start to talk like we are doing now, I don’t believe that one good souls will miss to see the other side! If someone in position to do something see it and we could toutch their minds? a huge step is done! I got dozens of videos and power point presentations coming trhough my mail everyday from Brazil where people won’t rest before they stop things like that! Which won’t happen up to the authorities find some alternative way to do their research! Pressure is the answer for that to happen sonner than later… Sorry if has ofended you, it wasn’t my intention at all, you know that!

er… you are right there Tony! I went back to the video and got my wife to ‘translate’ the American accent!