Fah-shizzle the drizzle, anyone going to Cubana?

Yeah, so it’s a bit wet, but is anyone going to brave it down to Cubana tonight?


:edit: forgot to put the date in topic this is for 5/7/06

hi there. will be down cubana later…

Cool, I won’t be on me todd then!

same here

will be there later aswell, i ain’t no fair weather rider!

If its raining later then bikes staying under cover!

Hi Jolyon long time no see… am going tonight BC2

sorry can’t make it tonight. Have to pack for Cadwell.

Will be there next week.

Have fun.

I be blasing past in about 15 minutes, hopefully i’ll be able to wheelie round that S shape in the road out front…

I was going… but I kid you not… my boss has just run over my bike in the car park…



Christ alive Matt - how many times “Sell the bleedin’ jinxed bike Man”

You have got to be kidding me…

Any damage?

And youve just got it back as well Matt, I couldnt make it screw in the back tyre cant get it done till the morning.


i bet you cant wait till 2007 its been a unlucky year for you, and we have 5 months to go still

matt was speaking to charlie and there probably about £1500 pounds worth

oh god! get rid of it, whats the reg: L666?

OH F**K…

Ive heard …for fcuks sake…what was he on the phone ?..in a lorry…?..fcuking large pay rise is in order !!!

I dont fcuking beleive it …

Matt…new bike mate…your having bollox luck.

seeya later (phone ya)

I know - I just want to go hide under a brick somewhere.

Quite a lot of damage - handle bars are bent, left hand fairing, front fairing, alternator cover etc etc etc etc - same as last time - I only just picked it up from the garage!


They must love you where you work then…

sorry to hear that Matt’o

Oh no Matt

I am so sorry to hear about your bike…