Factory Tour Today

Well I’m being wined and dined at the Triumph factory today, so while you’re all grafting spare poor me a thought eh?


Be good while I’m gone, you esp Matt.

Ey, what, how?

Have fun and if you can sneak a 675 out under your jacket for me that would be fab

It that a 675 in your trousers or are you just happy to see me?

Pictures, take some pictures Andrew! And enjoy it…

Easy enough, just go to your local Triumph dealer and ask to be included on their next visit, they usually have one a month when it’s busy.

Sweeet!!! … enjoy Andrew!!

You lucky sod!!! how did you manage that ??

oh nice - should be a lovely day.

Have fun man, do they have a test track there?

Dont forget to take your greasy belstaffs with you incase they let you out on the bike

Pictures would be good! And have some fun for me as I’ll be stuck here at the office toiling for “the man” all day while it is in the 70’s outside.

Ok, been and had a great day oot (thanks Jack Lilleys).

Very briefly (I’ll do a proper thing tomorra):

Dealership 9-10 to talk business and finger some accessories (ooer)

10-12 coach to Hinkley

12-2 pub lunch and beer courtesy of Lilleys

2-4 tour and presentation. The factory is not what I expected (whatever that was) and bikes are all hand assembled in about 90-100 mins!! From components to crate in 5 hrs inc dyno runs, inspection and packing.

4-6 back to Lilleys

Very interesting. But no cameras allowed so only snaps from outside and reception.

Wow thats impressive really makes it special that you get a factory tour. Top one Triumph and the dealer!

Errr it cost £60. I suspect the tour is free/really cheap, but the coach, lunch, special 675 tour tshirt, mug, fancy carbon pen, keyring etc etc etc all cost.

Try out the carbon pen and let us know the long term test report for that. See if their quality is up to standard!

Sounds like you had a good day mate. Thought they may have let you blitz a few laps of Mallory just down the road but suppose they can’t risk a few bikes.

One of the guys thought he saw a test mule going out, and the tour guide said it is probably the new Tiger getting a final suspension shakedown.

None of us saw it so he could have been making it up.

Tigers in Hinckley. Must have been seeing things.

Glad u had a good one mate…cant wait to see u on that 675