Facepainting Freak

After becoming hypnotised by a picture in AllanJ’s signature:

And wanting to know what he was saying - I did some research:

Turns out this guy has shitloads of videos - and I can’t figure out whether he is really clever or really frightening

Literally hundreds of them on his YouTube channel … http://www.youtube.com/user/bibleartwork#g/u

So … maniac or genius?

is that fat Alan at 57 sec on the last vid?


edit- link for comparison :smiley:

The kiss one is quite scary looking! :blink:

Genius! Mental, yes, but mental genius. I love stuff like that.

Here’s my pathetic attempt at face painting for Halloween, done mostly with make-up and toothpaste. Has anyone else had a go themselves?

World Zombie Day! I’m quite a dab hand with the ol’ liquid latex, this year I’m going to have my eyeball hanging out


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