Facebook page

Hi Guys just sent add request on the wifes facebook . . . If any of you guys want to add its clare coomes was mills

Hi Steve, facebook doesn’t find you when i put in your email address!

Thanks Lisa your added lol :hehe:

errr NOPE! still not. Go on to your info page and you will se your fb ID at the bottom of the page. You can copy and paste this instead if you prefer. You can make it a personal ID as well if you like.

If you can;t see it just add me as a friend (see below) and I’ll find it for you :D:D

I admit defeat i am computer illiterate will get my good lady to sort it out when she comes home. . . I managed to send you a request though :smiley:

OK, you got me… well Clare did anyway! Cheers!

Lewis Paterson

Pic: me doing wheelie on black/orange R6. Cant be arsed to find my link.

erm i wouldnt post your email addy on a public forum = too much

Thanks Banman now removed