Facebook or MySpace?

Just wondered what one is more popular? :slight_smile:

You want to know which is more popular, or which is better? Personally I’ve always thought MySpace looks like a horribly coded mess of a website. Facebook is neat and rather useful :slight_smile:

I`m on Facebokk, look under gout for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

shut up you c*nt you cant even spell it :D:)

I can spell it, its that i cant write it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Myspace is good for bands and stuff but its slow and looks a bit crap - I use Facebook

I’m a neither kind of person.

Sorry… I just don’t get it:w00t:

A lot of people say that though don’t they. Kind of ‘Whats the point’. Well, for me it helps me see what my friends are up to without me having to ring them every few days. It’s also great for finding old friends. I must have had IM’s from 10-15 people that I haven’t seen for over 10 years. It’s great to hear what they are up to now. We used it to organise an old work place reunion.

Sorry… I just don’t get it:w00t:
have a word with JP Im sure he could oblige :):stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I joined both when I found out about them then after a while of having to answer endless pointless quizzes and queries and invites to join pointless groups I decided to qit.LOL if u loke them then go for it I dont. :slight_smile:

i have both but facebook is much better! less crap bands and general wierdo’s:D

Well… just don’t do the quizzes or join the groups… it’s really quite easy not to :slight_smile: