Sent in my request to join :slight_smile:

Edit That reminds me. I sent a request to join the other facebook page ages ago. Is it still in operation?


The fact it’s a closed Group might be putting people off… anyone considered making it a Page instead?

there is a page too but i reckon group is better becuase you get more updates/notification etc.

maybe the closed bit can be changed?

Personally, I turned off the notifications… one for every single comment or post is really annoying! I run my company’s FB page as a Page - it lets people Like you, and so shows up on their profile page, others can see it and Like it too… I don’t know how much cross-promotion you get from a Group?

makes it easier for notifications things. like if the site goes down or someone needs help urgently

it does show up on your news feed as a page but myself i prefer having it on the list of groups on left and then always there showing if any replies etc.

there is a londonbikers page too.

Argh stalk book. Thanks but no thanks.

Wat is the facebook page called?

a big clue is in the name of a certain website/group. :smiley:

Joined :slight_smile:

I think this thread can be unstickied now after no posts in 5 months

post :slight_smile:

I really can’t be bothered with Farcebook.
Then again I said I couldn’t be bothered
with the WWW thing in 94, after Tim had
invented it a few years earlier, and look at
me now :smiley:

We also have a fan page.


We’ll be using this a lot more to promote threads on LB or pull together interesting stuff we see on other FB pages.

Choose your poison and interact with LB in anyway you choose.

Feel free to post stuff onto this page too if you see stuff you like on FB


I hate facebook. I hope it goes the same way as myspace. I think it was designed for teenage children anyway.

I don’t use it so much these days, as I generally don’t trust Facebook… as well as too many people on FB are simply seeking attention.

I’ve seen a few things recently that makes me wonder if more and more people will jack it in. I heard there will soon be video ads placed into your stream. People will be able to pay to send messages to people they don’t know (in other words, to spam you).

I’m sure there wont be many that care, but I set up a LB Google Plus page way back last year when they first allowed ‘Pages’ -


It was more as a ‘saver’ so no-one else did.

Wish to join…

Sent join request over FB someone will activate you soon.


I don’t use FB a lot, perhaps as a lot of it is just noise. I’ve added many people over the years, I wouldn’t necessarily want to cut them loose, but I don’t need to know what they had for breakfast. Is there a way to keep them friended, but only see their feeds if I want to?

eg In Google+, everyone is added to one circle or another. I can select a circle and use a slider to say how important it is to me. I have one huge tech circle slid to never, so I don’t see all these fairly random people’s posts unless I actually go to that circle. Can I do anything similar on Facebook?