Faber Scuba Air Cylinders, Regulator and Pony Clamp - For Sale

Hi All,

I know some of you are keen Scuba Divers - so here is something you may be interested in.

I am clearing out 4 12 Ltr Tanks and 2 Ponys - I also have a Northern Divers Pony Clamp System and Mares Voltrex Regulator too!

2x Faber 12 Ltr Steel Dumpy Cylinders are tested through to Sept 2008 - with 02 test until March 2007 - complete with standard valve, Scuba Pro Handles and Netting - very good condition and hardly used £75 each;

1x Faber 3 Ltr Steel Pony Cylinder - Was in test til Nov 2006, standard valve. Very Good Condition and hardly used - £20

2x (1xFaber/ 1xTortec) 12 Ltr Steel Tall Cylinders are out of test during 2006 - complete with standard valves, Scuba Pr Handles and Netting - Used - Offers??

1x Tortec 3Ltr Steel Cylinder - this is out of test (will check) - Standard Valve. Good Condition - £10.

1x Mares Voltrex Regulator with MR12 First Stage and A Clamp fitted along with single pressure guage - ideal Pony set up. Not used since full test by Mares Dealer. £125 ono.

1x Northern Divers Pony Clamp system - hardly used - fits to BCD Tank Band and Pony - secure fastening and quick release. £65 new - so a bargain at £35.

Anyone wanting more info and to view - PM me.