F1 Marshall fail yesterday

After all the rain there was a smack with a Renault and it left carbon everywhere. The marshalls legged it but this poor guy got abit carried away and must of cacked himself when he almost got run over.

haha nice one baz, that cracked me up yesterday, he must have been on the sauce :smiley:

I was in tears on the phone to my dad watching it aswell felt abit bad for the guy but it made for a very eventful race. Best gp in years!

Silly fat twat, obviously not competant enough to do his job. That so could have ended differently.

Grinning at work over this, love it!

As someone pointed out in the comments, he still didn’t manage to pick up anything, just fell twice :smiley:

LOL…that quote was almost as good as the video!How many videos of that are up on youtube? LOL…guys gonna get it now!

was he drunk ?

Is just me that finds it rather stupid for any of them to be out on the track with the cars shooting by? couldnt they stop the race first?

the safety car had been out about 5 times and the race stopped for 2hrs before this happened…so they were probably reluctant to stop the race again.

+1 made me laugh repeatedly - better video by the way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGEEdxUb-ac&feature=related


Why has no one put the benny hill sound track to that vid yet? :smiley:

I love when the first time he falls how that background ‘PFSSH’ fits right in :w00t:

They are under pressure not to mess up broadcasting schedules which are detailed down to the minute for BSB coverage so its no doubt worse for F1

But surely holding the cars stationary for 30 seconds to allow them to sweep the track is better than a marshall getting decapitated on live tv. This guy was damn lucky not to get collected by one of the cars.