f-ing sleet

just had to cross london in that horrendous weather.

couldn’t feel my hands for much of the journey, and there’s only so much a pinlock can stop before i could see f-all.

well up for thursdays trackday at the moment…

Have you seen Thursdays forecast Ben? :pinch:

I rode in and out this evening. Wearing some poor quality summer gloves was a mistake, ouch :crying:

My heated grips are broken too :pinch:

yeah. think i’ll honestly have to consider my options weds night. if its like tonight it wont be any fun, and i’ll be losing a days money…

Yes, proper nasty out there isn’t it! Just got in from a horrible ride back from work. Slush in the centre of the roads and nasty wee icy bits. When I got to my own road it was completely covered with snow. That bit really was unpleasant…But hurrah for heated waistcoat and gloves, eh?

came back from Birmingham 4.30-7pm thru blizzard until Wycombe - haven’t ridden in such horrid crapola for long time.

Why does everyone lose the power to make lane decisions when the weather get bad?

Ah, well then, that’s suffering indeed. I only had to do Wapping to Hampstead!

Nice portfolio.

had to make a trip back from hatfield, tree fallen on car on A1000 so sat in the snow for an hour…not happy :frowning:

yeash mate. thats a long time out in it considering the distance.

one guy in a max power golf was unbelievably swerving through the traffic whilst smoking a spliff. nearly took me off. tried to get my own back on his wing mirror but missed (told you i couldn’t see properly!) :smiley:

Proper cold this morning. Wasn’t on the bike for a change but still popped into Metropolis to get some nice warm gloves (thank The Artist for the recommendation, think they will be toasty warm), the summer gloves are starting to feel a little thin and my winter gloves went mouldy from being left in the garage since spring.

Got really cold this morning and then at about 2pm I got the snivvels, now I feel like sh1t :frowning: Hot, eyes sunken in, horrible manky feeling in back of throat.

Hopefully its just a cold spell rather than ‘man-flu’

GL for the track day if you go, its still gonna be cold but not as bad as today, looks like the rogue artic wind is moving north…