F*ck me did I get wet tonight!

F7ck me the rain was like something out of Blade Runner!

Gonna start packing me storm suit if this keeps up. . .

Ditto! :smiley:

Got home from work tonight, drenched! :w00t:

I had a really nice walk in it tonight… There’s something quite humbling about walking through the rain I think. It gives you time to think and reflect. You know you’re going to be soaked (if you don’t have an umbrella as I didn’t), so you give yourself to the moment and feel nature…

Living in an air-conned office for most of your life makes you appreciate these moments :slight_smile:

I was lucky and escaped it! It was chucking down until about 5.45 when I left work near Twickenham, and it stayed pretty much dry all the way home.

Were you two riding along with clouds directly above you, tracking your bikes? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not kidding… was really bad around 6.30-7.00, everyone was go-slow on the M11 because it was coming down that quickly (northbound; southbound must have had an accident because it wasn’t moving). Now just to hope all the kit is dry for tomorrow, might take some time! :hehe:


when i saw the rain i called up one of my friends and convinced her to drive me 300 meters from the office to the hotel i’m in tonight!
went to hein gericke at lunch and was drenched after 2 minutes exposure.

got drenched on the marlybone flyover tonight… now ad work and very dry

Ive been housebound for 4days now so i envy all of u who got wet in the rain :frowning:

i rode through a river! it was ridiculous…! still, first time its rained since these fancy new pirelli tyres on, they grip in the wet well! :D:D

I was drenched in the morning. A KTM rider besides me at the lights asked if my textile jacket was keeping the rain out. My answer was ‘hell no’. He was also in the same situation. We both laughed like mad men. Hehe.

Same here (around Heathrow), went out around 10pm to cover my bike and it was still pouring down

Question: Is it normal for the bike engine to give out a lot of smoke when it rains?
My bike gives out a lot of smoke and i thought this was because the engine is really hot and the water dripping on it is evaporating really quick. But this smoke usually settles on my visor, making my vision blur, so now i have to open the visor half way so that the passing wind can clear my visor. Is anyone else facing this problem? is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

Yes, it’s just steam. Cold water hitting a hot radiator tends to have this effect, or were you not present at science lessons at school :slight_smile:

Rode home last night about 18.00 to NW London, and it poured the whole way. All I can say is thank you to Mr Thomas and Mr Trespass, as the gear worked. Outside of the clothes soaked, inside, try and toasty warm.

Also thank you to the GS rider that I met at Swiss Cottage - nightmare traffic there last night, we had a good chat and a laugh waiting for a junction to clear.

Also thank you to Halfords, the bike has now got all working lights, why do central London bike shops not stock bulbs?

I got damp yesterday. Leather trousers held out the water right to the point I got home, Buffalo jacket was fine and bone dry. Should be a tad better today.

my leathers are still wet. i wore them anyway :smiley:

I managed to avoid the worst of it thankfully. left at 5, just got wet knees. Divine intervention I call it, sorry for the rest of you who got caught out.

Charcoal tablets?

I rode from Sittingbourne to Richmond yesterday in it, about an hour and a half.

M25 was a death trap, water streaming across the road, could not see the lane paint, inch deep water, spray reducing visibility to the car in front, visor would not clear, utterly horrendous.

By the time I went past the M23 my Rukka trousers were leaking and water was pooling around my balls. It was quite cold but strangely erotic.

Damn rukka’s best part of 800 quid and the trousers are leaking. meh.

By the time I came into Richmond, the road film meant I could not see through my visor at all so had to ride with it open. Rain stings at 40mph. Everything is wet, water pooling in my gloves, inside of helmet soaked, even my boots were wet inside fromt he water running down my legs…

The A316 was partially flooded which was nice because I couldnt see.

Was glad to pull up safe and sound. Never ridden in anything like that before and I have been riding all year round for 3 years.

Made me consider buying a car. For about 15 seconds :wink:

Went to get on my bike about six and i think to myself, ah, the rains stopping i wont bother putting my water proof pants on…got soaked going along the marylebone flyover too. i bet it was the fault of some natve american chief larging it.

The clouds were over near Hanger Lane about 20 mins before I left, but when I finally got on the bike they were over head. If I’d left work on time and not 45 mins late then I’d have missed the worst of it…instead I ended up with a wet chuff in only 2 mins…JOY!! :smiley: