F.A.O Veronica Rocha (re- Ron Haslam Race School)

Does anyone know who Veronica is? what is her username? she paid RHRS direct and i haven’t got her on my List, i need to know how she is getting to the Race school, if she needs a lift i need to know her pick up point.

isn’t that tooneys alter ego name ?

lol, Nah his alter ego name is Linda Lovelace

I think I saw him in something…

Was it tge one with the dog or the one with the long sausage???

slan- you saw me in your dreams mate!!!

wise - you’ve let the cat of the bag now!

I thought it was a German Shepherd that got let out the Bag, Not a Cat :slight_smile:

(Google search Linda Lovelace- Dog [email protected] for those that are unsure of who she is)

@Sam, I’m scared for life, I was young and innocent until this post :slight_smile:

lol. I feel sorry for Veronica, This post started off asking who Veronica is so i can find out how she is getting to Donnington and it has now descended onto the worlds most famous and daring Porn Star!!! i hope Veronica doesn’t skip through all the messages and only see’s

“F.A.O Veronica Rocha…blah blah blah…Dog Fucker…Blah Blah Blah…Deep Throat…Blah blah Blah…Porn Star…”