F.A.O Ratty

Though i’d post a few pics of my old one, I loved it :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that for sale on fleebay? I swear I saw that exact bike and numberplate this morning on the North Circ

That’s nice!

Go on Russ, get one, you know you want to :wink:

I loved my R6 too. Great bikes :slight_smile:


hmmm that looks the fugging borrox!!!

even if i dont get that colour scheme i think i may well get an R6…im edging ever closer to one…seee 05 one this morning in all black…:w00t::smooooth:

It’s not just the colour scheme that is different, it has bigger throttle bodies and USD forks :smiley:

hold fire till sat ratty and love the gixer 750 bit more meaty than an r6 i found r6 far to light and felt small to me being tall n all

still a good bike tho just personal pref

is that all 05’s?? i got my eye on one, blue, termi pipe, braided hoses, DB, steering damper…looks ace gonn ago have a look teh weekend;)

No mate, just the R46 has the extras :w00t::DGis a shout if you want another pair of eyes and ears :wink:


kool dude…i am gonna try to pop in ace after bm, we can chat about them then, got few questions!:smiley:

now that’s the spitting image of mine! LOL:w00t:

I would rather have the R6 than the sv mate, you should have taken mine for a run last week dude.

yeah, after sitting on yours i kind liek’em, maybe its fate…:smiley:

dude, you should have said!! if its possible to tht would be kool beans, just wanna see what teh riding postion is liek etc

all 05 R6 models have the upside down forks…no idea about the throttle bodies, but would expect the R46 is exactly the same as a black one.

Sorry, left out the “05”!!

after looking at various pics…i believe knotty is right!

well…im riding one tomrrow…looks like teh general may be desertting the VEE massive:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

I’d go for the 06 model looks lovely in black!:smiley:

nah dont liek teh new shape…prefer the 05 shape or 03-05:D

I think only late 05 onwards have the USD forks.

As stated in my previous post, the R46 has USD forks but no other 03-05 R6 did, the R46 has bigger throttle bodies and slightly more horse power ;):wink:

You know where I stand on this my friend

Say no more


ratty noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

don`t do it m8 @ least get test ride on a k4 gixer like mine!!!