Just had an eye test, the first in 31 years.:blush:

I don’t need glasses, and no problems, so I’m well pleased.

My next appointment won’t be for another two years. And before anyone says it, this is proof that it doesn’t make you blind.;):P:D

What made you get one now?:wink:

I started getting migraine headaches again, but every day.

The doc said it would be wise to have an eye test as it had been so long since my last and I suppose to eliminate my eyesight as a cause of the migraines.

I can even access their website to look at the fotos of the back of the eyes they took, how cool is that?:smiley: I even suppose it’s not unwarranted that a thread in the praise section for vision express should be posted.:slight_smile:

Had my first eyetest in over 10 years not long ago and was pleased to know I have better than 6/6 vision. :slight_smile: