Eye wobble

Is it just me, or is this a normal phenomenon or am I just too old and odd to be riding a motorcycle?

On rare occasions, above a certain speed on slightly rough roads I experience what can only be described as “eye wobble”.

Do I suffer from loose occular sockets?

On these rare occasions, I find it hard to focus on the road ahead as my eyes seem to bounce between the heavens and my filler cap.

Is this normal?

These incidents are rare and coincide with periods when, due to my condition I cannot read my speedometer!

yeah i think you’ve past it :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Get your bus pass and call it a day.

You survived the war, it would be such a shame if you had an accident on the road gramps.:wink:

swap the bike for one of these bad boys

thats why julie is always on the back is it, telling you where the road goes and to get a blxxdy move on :stuck_out_tongue:

Your responses so far are less than helpfull.

At least I`ve got old without needing surgical inteventions!:slight_smile:

its never too late :wink:

I know why , its because julie is holding on to tight to the crown jewels

That’s the most feeble excuse for speeding I’ve heard in years.

(Either that or you’re riding a Harley or a Ducati and you haven’t noticed you’re on the wrong bike.)

Think it maybe to do with you all riding so slow!:smiley:

Now lets have some serious observations from a doctor or a fighter pilot.

Thanks for the suggestion Kato - we would really prefer a wheeled model:


You’re not losing it!.. Yet.

I too suffer from “Eye Wobble” but mine is usually after prolonged periods of riding at High Speeds.
After an hour or so of Motorway thrashing, my vision does become slightly impaired.
But it usually co-incides with running low on Fuel or need a drink, so I stop anyway.


lol… use a little bit of gaffa just to hold them in place for a bit…:cool:

Funny you should mention this “eye wobble” thing! I get the very same problem, but it only occurs during hot days and tends to be more of a side to side motion. I find it’s usually when I’m riding past particularly attractive women who are wearing skimpy attire! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with finding a cure! :wink:

It won’t work Chris, speed cameras don’t care what the reason is ;):smiley:

Not suffered from this, but i did get cold eyeballs the other day, felt very weird, my head was warm, but my eyeballs were bloody freezing! … :smiley: