eye candy

Bloody hell, Swinton pay a tenner for the referral call; commission is not reliant on a sale. I’m in the wrong game.

Someone get her infront of a pole, sharpish.

If you say you wouldn’t - you’re a liar!

Love the Renthal grips, aint seen em in that colour before :slight_smile:

Cor they dont look like her in my local Swinton office, wonder if they will reduce my bike insurance cos I got fugglies in the office ? :slight_smile:

There’d be words if she put her high heels on my grips - I’m tellin’ yer!

They ain’t the grips, they are covers. Keep your grips clean.

What like a paper doily for you bike; how quaint.

Well you know what dirty grease monkeys are like with a fresh new set of clean medium compound renthal grips!

my days…dream wife right there…:wink:

She is lush.

(Leslie Philips voice on) DING DONG (Leslie Philips voice off)

nice outfit!

Maybe if I was pissed and there was a paper bag to hand! :wink:

I think she’d want you sober but definately with the bag on :wink:

LOL You beat me to it :laugh::hehe:

Quality Steve, sheer quality! lmao :smiley:

That’s a perfect combination of bike and woman in my book! :wink:

Actually I went out with a girl from the Swinton office in Cosham, Portsmouth, she’s was actually pretty cute and only 17, I was about 19 at the time I think, sadly it didn’t last as she wouldn’t give me any extra insurance discount! :w00t:

I can see wot you mean mate…your Mrs…or her…your Mrs …or her, hard dicision :smiley:

Only joking Gazza, I think your Mrs is quite buff ;):D:) Is her Mum single :Whistling: :smiley:

The whole thing is spoiled by them poxy gold anodised levers.

Obviously Chav insurance:D