extreme weather

It’s going to be a bit blowy next Thursday according to Metcheck.:w00t:Thu 17 Dec

0:002:590 °c-10 °c00.0 mm95 %63 mph75 mph3:005:59-1 °c-11 °c00.0 mm87 %61 mph73 mph6:008:59-1 °c-11 °c00.0 mm57 %61 mph73 mph9:0011:591 °c-8 °c00.0 mm32 %59 mph70 mph12:0014:591 °c-11 °c10.0 mm15 %63 mph75 mph15:0017:591 °c-14 °c00.0 mm25 %58 mph69 mph18:0020:59-4 °c-16 °c00.0 mm14 %68 mph81 mph21:0023:59-4 °c-21 °c00.0 mm23 %295 mph354 mph

NW9 from other post…beat that wind !

Weather Forecast in NW9 for Friday 18 December

Location InformationSun InformationMoonToolsLat : 51.6NLon : 0.3WASL : 59mRise : 8:01 GMTSet : 15:51 GMT– Select – Print Forecast SMS Forecasts Weather Sticky Metric/Imperial Videos

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherFri 18 Dec0:002:59-2 °c-20 °c00.0 mm67 %288 mph345 mph3:005:59-2 °c-21 °c00.0 mm78 %273 mph327 mph6:008:59-2 °c-19 °c00.3 mm99 %288 mph345 mph9:0011:592 °c-14 °c00.3 mm89 %289 mph346 mph12:0014:592 °c-16 °c10.0 mm48 %279 mph334 mph

250mph winds? ******* hell!

don’t ya just love metcheck


mild breeze ya wimps :D:D:D