Extreme Brazilian road rage video *warning quite violent*


Que locura veio!

Holy crap!!..:crazy:


OUCH, worse nightmare or what

What, the… ****!

thats just ott! I’m kind of speechless.

That guys a terminator!

Not sure why the biker kicked the car? Didnt look like it touched him?

I would have shoved the bike up his arse for him.

Assuming the car hadn’t hit him already

This is the reality of what can happen based on our actions. So for all of you that kick and punch cars or knock wing mirrors off, this is what happens when you do it to the wrong person.

Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, these things can happen.

Cool vid by the way!

Jesus, he was lucky not to get his legs crushed when she ploughed into the parked car with him hanging off the bonnet!


a bit extreme

Jesus! But not a scratch on what I witnessed 3 years ago on Hampstead Road when a minicab, stopped at the lights, deliberately drove a biker into a van in the left hand lane (also stationary), then proceeded to run him over and speed off. I posted about this at the time but the long and short of it is that I gave chase, called the police and, a year later, the guy was banned for 3 years and tagged for 3 months, plus a fine etc etc.

3 year ban for attempted murder? interesting…

Wow yeah this vid seemed all to familiar.

I witnessed this too, remember being disappointed that that wasn’t the charge they perused…