External Clock !!!

Suggestions please…

I am looking for an clip-on / stick-on clock that I can attach somewhere onto my bike…As the only way of telling the time at the moment is to stop and look at the mobile phone…

Suggestions please …


Pick up a dirt cheap digital watch from decathlon, pound shop etc. Remove straps and velcro to suitable place.

Choose a waterproof one if you can. I use a old battered swatch. Luminous dial too :slight_smile:

Fazers have a clock? Mine does but it needs setting and I use the trip meter anyway.

you can get them off ebay for cruisers they bolt onto the bars cost about £22

I have a '98 Fazer…(No Clock…but it has a trip meter…I am missing something?)

I have a '01 Fazer, if you cycle through the digital display there are 2 trips, an odometre and a clock. But as mentioned before i use the trip

There’s this natty little number…

Steering Head Bolt Clock

wear a watch, works for me,