Explain this.

So I’m standing in the hall, borrock naked, dripping water on to the floor, clutching a Philips screwdriver and reading a manufacturers handbook.

(I hadn’t noticed the front door blind was up m’lud!)

Now, honestly, there is a perfectly rational explanation for this occurrence.

Any one else ever found them-self in a “compromising situation” kind of hard to explain but completely innocent?

if i was you i would actually state what you werre trying to fix whilst naked and wet … people may assume that some small hand held appliance has become an issue

Was the screwdriver lubricated.

was the manufacturers handbook from a sex sling? :smiley:

What was Phillip doing? :doze:…

Since you ask:

I’d re built the thermostat on the shower the day before and (then) the water temperature was too high even with the shower on the lowest heat setting. As I discovered when I first used it and turned a sort of lobster pink.

The Bristan handbook was for the information, the Philips screw driver was to do the adjustment work.

As I said, “… there is a perfectly rational explanation for this occurrence.”

Next you’ll be wanting to know why, the same day, I was sitting straddling the garage roof ridge examining the crotch of my jeans,

There’s a perfectly rational explanation for that too.

you were just enjoying the view? :w00t: