Experts Exchange?

Is anyone here a member of the experts exchange there is some info on there I want to read but am not a member and as I dont have a credit card I cannot sign up!!!

If not have any of you techies come across a problem where when you boot up (laptop) it says “no bootable device” press f1 to retry or f2 to try again?

change the HDD same thing so don’t think that is the problem…


The Sleeper

The message simply means the bios can’t find anythig to boot from so the disks are faulty, or the connector or power is faulty, or the bios is looking in the wrong place due to corrupt or incorrect settings.

Is the HD spinning?

Check the bios can see the drive.

Check the bios is attempting to boot from the drive.

With experts exchange I just use the cached pages in google - dont need to join then :wink:

but it does not give you the answer just the persons question!!

changed the HDD so is not a physical problem, will check the BIOS again tonight but it was picking up the HDD I think both times…is there anyway of re-installing the bios?

Can you get into the Bios settings? Usually holding down a certain key during boot up will get you in - the key varies depending on which Bios you have - try Del or F8.

That will allow you to check the disk is properly recognised and that the boot order is correct.

If the Bios was so fecked you needed to reinstall it you probably wouldn’t get as far as the message you see. You can view the Bios settings without changing anything - there are usually plenty of warnings before any changes you might make are made permanent. Check the boot order - it should have C: first. Change it if it doesn’t.

Do you have a Cd for the operating system that came with the computer, or any sort of rescue disk? If so, make sure the Bios boots from the CD drive by changing the boot order and see if it boots from the OS or rescue disk.