Experience Aprilia

Experience first hand the passion that goes into each and every Aprilia motorcycle by booking a test ride at one of our experienceaprilia days.

Choose your venue and bike and get ready to be amazed. Every Aprilia is designed with typical Italian flair and provides a simply unique riding experience.


Spotted that in the MCN newsletter,looks good,probably got to book early though!!

Just booked a test ride on the Factory :smiley:

There’s no way I can afford the consequences of a free test ride on a Tuono.

Me too on both Factory bikes :wink:

Hmmm…Not sure you should if you’re dead set on an R1 :laugh:

I almost bought one.

Chunky will be proud of you :slight_smile:

Well he did promise me a go on his TL but noone has seen it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas on what tyres they will have? :wink:

I’ve booked it too, see what all this nonsense is about, half an engie with one cyl firing at your boll0x doesn’t seem like a good idea to me but willing to give it a go :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t let Chunks see this or we’ll never get a go :w00t:

Funnily enough, not seen your Busa much either:P:D

Good to see you tarts getting a go on a proper bike:P:DWouldn’t mind a go on a Tuono Twono Touno You know the one;):smiley:

Thats it then , I am gonna have to sell mine if all you gits are testing them out - Mine won’t be bloody " exclusive " anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you’ve tried them you’ll all be getting one :cool:

Now you tell me! No one would let me test ride the tuono because i was a new rider. All it took was for them to start the engine though and I was smitten :slight_smile: thunder!

Just booked the 12.15 ride on the factory - Ace 04/05/08!!

Trying to book a ride on the SM750 Dorsoduro but doesn’t appear as an option :ermm:

i mean, look at that…bootiful!

I`ve booked for the 3rd May at 10am for the Mana.

im booked to test ride the factory at ace cafe and box hill, just in case i need a 2nd opinion

Just be sure when you park it up (RSV/ Touno) the it’s on completely flat ground! It’s the shitest prop stand I’ve ever had the misfortune of using, it comes down nearly vertical. I know it sounds like a stupid thing to say but my Mille Factory went over twice because the camber of the road was a little too steep. Broken levers, scuffed paint it ain’t funny.
If you decide to buy one get crash bungs (the longest you can get) and get someone to weld an extra bit on the stand.

Rant over!!!

IIRC you can change the side stand on the RSV to a better Gixxer item. Search on the Aprilia Forum www.apriliaforum.com for details.