expensive dog

a hugely expensive tibetan mastiff valued at 7.6 million chinese yen(760,000 GBP), the dog’s owner refuesed an off of that amount of money plus a top range BMW saloon car. the dog weights 100 kg.



why is it so expensive? 100kg? you breed them for steaks or what? LOL

Eh, i dont see why people keep pets, i must be cold or something :S

steak is a meat cut from the animals like cows instead of dogs, you semi-illiterate, go back to school and learn more:D

dog steaks, made of dog animals :wink:

All that money, but it’s still on a plywood table infront of a tablecloth.

Pass the ketchup? :hehe:

please tell me why on earth it is less acceptable and more morally repulsive to eat dogs than to eat cows, pigs and lamb:D

Depends where you come from really doesn’t it, in some countires it’s completely acceptable but in the western world dogs are thought of as pets rather than a food source, I personally couldn’t eat one as I have grown up with dogs as pets since I was a baby but I don’t frown on people who have done, each to their own and all that :)That one is mahoosive though, looks like it could feed about 50 people!!

Bring it to the next LB summer party and make some real hot dog :slight_smile:

In the west we eat herbivores, carnivores are reputed to taste less pleasant. The beastie in the photo would eat a huge amount of dog food; it must cost more to run than an 1000+cc bike and it won’t be any where near as much fun.

ask the Pole about Smalets (or however you spell it) - rank!

Brazilian food can get very iffy at times as well!

Blimey! You wouldn’t get much room for yourselves if that beastie jumped on your bed at night:w00t:

dogs don`t take up much room in a bed:w00t:




there are different peoples in china, and Chinese people are very diversified. only in parts of china some people eat dogs, they believe it is medicinal. they are normally the same people who eat cats and shark fins.
not to sound morally superior in any sense, i have been a vegetarian for 2 months, and from a culture where people only eat large sized herbivores.

they are beautiful, english mastiffs?

My god,someone who knows what they are,yes english mastiff just three now but the apricot dog hanibull is 16 stone so he does take a bit of room and eats a bit .they start small but just keep growing,still cheaper than a r1 to keep.





lovely dogs, couldn’t deal with the slobber and slime though…yuk:D

This is why i look like a tramp :smiley:

Technically, aren’t they omnivorous, predominantly carnivorous but need some nutrient from Vegetables, not to the same extent as us but still omnivorous, I think.