Expected turnout on Monday 7th Jan?

Just getting afeel for how many are turning out on Monday night. If I can find the place that is, went right past today, (stayed on the N Circular!) then again was being harrased by two tossers in a 4 x 4 at the time.

Anyway hope to meet up with a couple of people there, so see ya soon


ps. Bacon Butty as standard fayre?

count me in… i’m only up the road in finchley.

It’s usually quite popular, not just with Newbies :wink:

hello and welcome to lb :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Sounds as if it’s gonna rain but no worries will be there anyway


i will be there…:smiley:

I’m going to try to drop by for the first time. Please be gentle :wink:

Am also planning my first LB Newbie night visit.
If they look too weird, we can stay over by the door and ignore them :slight_smile:

i will be there after 9

Yep gonna be there - managed to hitch a ride :smiley:

It’s been so long since I’ve been to anything LB related, I keep thinking I should come to a newbie night again :slight_smile: Not sure if I’m free tomorrow night though :frowning:

See you all tomorow then, better get **** loads of beauty sleep!


Nice to meet a couple of people tonight, sorry if I wasn’t too chatty but was talking bike buying/selling with Craig (on the GXSR 750), Had a good chat with Miggy though hope to meet up again soon, thanks again, made me very welcome.


Nice to see some Old and new faces tonight, been too long since I have been to a newbie night.Maybe next time I’ll be on the bike :smiley: :D:D

Alice hope you have a good journey back to Italy tomorrow


Good evening, just got home though I expect others to take much longer :smiley: … McDonald’s isn’t much fun when only the drive through is open, my bums freezing from sitting on the floor lol

Nice to meet you tonight Jimi… it’s only just sunk in who the name, avatar and person was :Whistling:

just got in was a laugh tonight

Ang you know terrys got cream for your piles after sitting on the floor, might be a bit discoloured though:laugh:

Pinching all my gags tonight hey Ginge? :wink:

I haven’t got piles, I’ll use it for my wrinkles tho :stuck_out_tongue:

toull need alot of that cream then for your wrinkles:cool:

Yep, sure will. :):slight_smile: