Expanding Foam!

Got about 15 boxes of expanding foam to sell - 12 cans in a box £40 a box

All brand new unopened boxes - its pink foam if that makes any difference :smiley:

Is this stuff any good for filling in holes that have been chased in walls for wiring?

did someone say speedcamera fun? :smiley:

Yeah its good stuff - used some yesterday when I fitted an outside tap for a mate :slight_smile:

Im selling it by the box tho otherwise I’ll have it knocking about forever! Usually sells for about £65 a box I think.

Ha ha theres a lot of fun you could have with expanding foam! :stuck_out_tongue:

We could all chip in, buy the lot and go on a ride out to play with it

Lmao who said you had to grow up when you can keep having fun? haha :smiley:

i dont get what Expanding foam is though?

Its foam that expands!

You know like Ronseal… (Does exactly what it says on the tin)