Exo2 Storm Shield heated gloves for sale, XXS

Ooh look, frosty snowy icey stuff. What you need are some heated gloves, just like these:


I bought them late December ‘11 and I have only used them for two very short, girly, local rides. They’re sized at XXs, which is approx’ a unisex size 8, but they’re still too big for me :crying:

All the wiring and the additional on/off is included and they’re in perfect condition still. I’m just being too lazey to try and return them to the manufacturer! LoL. You’re welcome to arrange to try them on at mine (UB5) or I can easily meet you @ The Ace.

They were £130 with the on/off switch, so I’m open to sensible offers around the £90 mark.


bumped into you my dear …

(oooh Matron :wink: )

its still cold out there folks …:wink: