Exo armour

Hello all! Anyone here use exo armour instead of traditional armoured jackets/trousers? Been interested in this option for a while, I’ve seen a few riders over summer with this on over normal clothes. Don’t think I would do this for tours and long rides but a convinient option for short commutes.

They’re designed for use off-road, and with a shirt over them. Whilst they look cool to use on-road and are nice to wear in the summer, they are not designed to withstand the sandpaper effect of tarmac if you come off on the road. Of course, they’re better than nothing, but they’re not designed to be as good as say a mesh jacket that’s meant for the hottest of days.

I wear one when off-roading, and that means wearing it on the road to get to and from the dirt tracks, but you certainly feel a bit exposed when on the road. Still, it is great remaining cool on the hottest days.

I wear the same idea off road, and still put a bike jacket on top to give abrasion protection.

I don’t see the gain over a decent mesh jacket either for road stuff

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